About FootyGrahic

FootyGraphic started in 2012. It all started as a Twitter page together with a friend. On the account, named FIFAWall (FIFA & Wallpapers) we combined FIFA content together with designs. Most of the times I was responsible for designs and my friend made Squad builder video’s. After a while this ‘project’ of us ended but I decided to continue with designing. I wanted to improve so I moved from using paint.net to Adobe Photoshop. The name switched from FIFAwall to Football wallpapers to FootyGraphic and the logo changed with it.

fifawall football wallpapers FootyGraphic old logo Footygraphic current logo

Recently I spent my time in professionalizing my website and edits. I’ve achieved a few cool things this period, for dutch football club Willem II I made many designs which were used for their social media, I designed flyers to be spread around every visitor of a particular game and besides that my graphics were shown on the digital billboards around the stadium.

As I already quickly mentioned, I use Adobe Photoshop CC to make my edits. I’ve learned how to use Photoshop just by practicing, I watched a lot of tutorial video’s on YouTube, followed some other tutorials and mostly just asked everyone’s opinion. From my experience it was, and still is, really important to have opinions from other people and ask them what you should improve, this way you’ll end up with the best result! That’s why I always say, if you need feedback on an edit, just send me a message 😉

About Me

Now you know something about FootyGraphic you might also be interested in me. Well, I’m Joeri and I’m 20 years old. I’m a third year student of Media and Entertainment management at the NHTV. I live in the Netherlands. Besides designing football graphics I also like to watch a lot of games, I’m season ticket holder at Dutch club Willem II, and always look for games to watch also outside the Netherlands. Besides Willem II, I also support Manchester United.

Football stadiums

As you now know I’m a big football fan, on this map you can see which grounds I’ve visited where I watched a game or at least had a stadium tour! Although most of the stadiums are from Eredivisie and Jupiler League clubs in the Netherlands, I’m starting to add more stadions from all over Europe to the list! Click on one of the markers to find out which stadium I visited.