The design of the Month February was the first one with a new judging system in which not only the Twitter votes and the Judges vote count but also the votes of my followers on other platforms (Facebook & Instagram) and it was needed because the results were really close and based on the old sytem (Twitter and the Judges vote) there would be 2 winners (!).  In the end it was Bearded_Design_ winning but a special mention to Shan, Eliott and Daniel as well because the voting was so close.

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What is your best design? Send it in and maybe it becomes design of the month! Every time at the beginning of the month I will look at the submitted designs and pick the 4 bests. I will put them into a poll and then you can decide which you think is the design of the month. This design will be highlighted on this page until the next one gets chosen.


  • Only football related designs
  • The design must be made by yourself
  • By submitting your design you allow me to use it, for design of the month purposes only, on my social media and website