Well here we are again, end of the year, everyone is doing their recap and without going into too much detail it’s been a great one. I graduated and received my Bachelor of Arts, had one of the best holiday’s I’ve ever had roadtripping around Europe with 3 friends, got my first job and have had the opportunity to work for many great clients, been in touch with a lot of great people and have worked on a lot of collabs, but it’s time to look forward, I wanted to challenge myself for 2019 and I am going to.

I am going to challenge myself to upload every day in the new year, so yes that means in the next year I’m going to try to upload 365 new designs for you. I’m going to make weekly plannings for myself and with those trying to get a post up for you every day. The posts will mostly be the designs that you’re used seeing from me but will sometimes be alternate between photo-edits, animations or an occasional non-football design.

So why am I doing this? Well actualy I just wanted to challenge myself, I like to make designs  and especially those in which I get a lot of freedom to do what I think is best, next year I want to develop myself more and I think by pushing myself into this challenge I’ll be a able to learn a lot of stuff!

I’m looking forward to the New Year and I’m ready to take on this challenge! See you in 2019




I’m Joeri, I’m 21 a year old Dutch graphic designer and fourth year student of Media and Entertainment management. I've worked for Serie A and Eredivise players and also Dutch club; Willem II Tilburg, Forza Fodbold, VI Kids, Meet the Players and many more!


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