All votes have been counted, the winner of the design of the year competition is NzoGraphic! Nzo, congratulations for winning the competition, on Twitter you dominated the poll, this helped you a lot with getting the win in the end but also the results from the judges and on Facebook were positive. I want to take this to thank all the judges: F_edits,  FootyGraphs, AyoDesigns and K23Dez for their imput. Next to that also a big shoutout to all other participants but especially the other finalists: AS9_GFX, MH_Design91 and ChuanGraphics because in my opinion your designs were really good as well! I’d say give them all a follow and maybe till next year!



Facebook (25%) Twitter (25%) Judges (50%) Total (100%)
NzoGraphic 15,9 65 25 32,7
AS9_GFX 58,8 13 27,6 31,8
MH_Design91 8,4 16 29 20,6
ChuanGraphics 15,9 6 18,4 14,9

So the year has ended, it’s time to choose the winner of the design of the year. As announced in my last post this will also be the last time this competition is hosted, for this month I’ve added the submissions from the Design of the Month competition to the design of the year competition entries. So the final four consists of designs by NZOGRAPHIC, MH_Design91, Chuangraphics and AS9GFX. I want to thank all of your for all the entries you’ve submitted to these competitions and I’m curious to see who’ll be crowned as winner



I’m Joeri, I’m 21 a year old Dutch graphic designer and fourth year student of Media and Entertainment management. I've worked for Serie A and Eredivise players and also Dutch club; Willem II Tilburg, Forza Fodbold, VI Kids, Meet the Players and many more!

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