So this is it.. The first edition of the Football Designer Top 50 list! Over the past month we (Fredrik and FootyGraphic) have been really busy with organizing this competition, counting the votes and writing up this post. We’d like to thank all of you for participating in the competition and are really happy to see so many votes on so many different designers! In total we received over 500 votes for over 150 different designers, as stated before the list can only contain the 50 most popular ones but don’t feel sad if you didn’t make it because the competition was great!

Please note: However Fredrik and I are responsible for writing the texts and choosing the designs/tweets to display we are not responsible for the order of the designers in this list, the order of the list represents the popularity of football designers on Twitter and is in no way a representation nor ranking of skill.


Joeri is one of the OG’s of football designs, having been in the game for many years now. His wallpapers always looks good, thanks to his brilliant use of colors and light. His signature light effect is stylish and beautiful.

With the 15k followers he has garnished over the years he’s deservedly become one of the biggest accounts as well, and I couldn’t be more happy for him.


Together with Fredrik I decided to organize this competition not so long ago and I’m happy we did! Fredrik is one of the most consistent designers on Twitter and has mastered multiple different styles.

The amount of dedication Fredrik manages to put into his account is unreal and it is rewarded by his 66K followers, I really enjoy working and brainstorming with him and hope we can keep on doing this in the future as well!



John Sheehan

We’re kicking this list off with John, a talented designer who has really nailed down a distinguished look



Rupert is a Milan based kit designer, he expresses his love for Inter Milan by creating a lot of creative concept kits for the team, each based on a good idea and showcasing his creativity.


Omar Momani

One of, maybe the, best cartoonist on “football twitter”. He’s not only a great designer but also a very creative one



Karl is an in Georgia based Arsenal fan. Whenever he posts you can be sure it’s a creative piece, next to static designs Karl is also working on video edits, a development we really like to see!



A less known name in this list is MCGraphics , this designer has only been around for a few months but already covered a lot of different clubs in his designs.



This Madrista makes pictures come to live, the darkened backgrounds and the light effects he uses on the players make his designs pop!



This Welshman is like the David Alaba of designing, he can do a lot of different things: Kit designing, photo editing, wallpapers, profile layouts and more.



Next up is Kaleemz, who brings something different to the table with his adventurous backgrounds.



When he’s not making brilliant concept kits, like Inter Milan x Gucci, Liverpool x Levi’s and more, he also makes some really slick designs and good looking designs.


Isa Kerimov

When you follow Isa Kerimov you can be sure of one thing, his work is never boring! With all his creativity he perfectly combines multiple elements and puts them together in one impressive design!


Phil Galloway

Next up in the list is Phil Galloway, Phil doesn’t make graphics, he makes art! With the impressive level of detail he makes paintings come to life which always gives a really cool effect.



From the paintings of Phil we continue the list with the photo edits of JDesigns, in this clean and consistent style JDesigns shares the best moments of the game from a cool perspective



The designs of GFXTFTBL sometimes have an experimental touch, this allows for a different look every post and turns out surprisingly good sometimes!



Next up is Lewis. Even tho this Tottenham fan is young, this designer will impress you with slick and smooth wallpapers like this:


Angelo Trofa

You might not know who he is, but if you have ever played FIFA Ultimate Team you’ve definitely seen his work. There’s a lot of different artists on this list, but there’s not many kit-designer as talented as Angelo Trofa.



We continue the list at MAGFX, this designer adds a ‘dark’ vibe to his work. The mysterious effect this creates intriges you into the design.



Ready for something completely different? This account doesn’t only make animations, but also beats that make the gorgeous designs stand out even more.



Next up is the one and only UKILFC, one of the very best designers on the platform! He will constantly impress you with beautiful Liverpool edits.



This young Dutch designer is mainly focussing on Illustrations, with his amazing level of detail and creative compositions he makes all his designs come to live. Next to that he also knows how to handle Photoshop which makes him a great all-round talent.


Joe Huxley

Next up is Joe; one of the few that makes both vectorised edits and photoshopped edit. And he does both very well.


Simone Colongo

Next up we got Simone Colongo, the designs from Simone remind us of the classic cartoons, combined with the sometimes refreshing backgrounds.



This wallpaper-designer makes for some really intriguing and different edits. He also produces some UFC edits as well



Next up is an artist who uses his talents in creative and humorous ways. Fede’s work has been featured within companies such as Adidas and Copa90, and with drawings like this its not hard to see why.



On to FootyEffect, he only just recently appeared into the scene and has only just placed over 600 tweets but has already made a big impact and a large following. In no-time the clean styles have grown upon his followers.


Hadi Ahmed

Next up is Hadi, a designer whose work and photo manipulations stands out. Not hard to see why.


Albert Hendry H.

Albert Hendry H. inspired many designers, most of his works include a clever positioning of text or infographic element, while maintaining the clean look to his work.



Where recently HendoDesigns has been posting more photos you can also find Illustrations covering mostly Liverpool and Peterborough United.



Grey plain background. Sounds boring? Not when your name is North. This designer has really mastered this abstract style.



On to “another” vector artist, but this one is not just “another one”, his strong and clear artwork makes him stand out.



On to Karlton! This Liverpool fan creates Illustrations on a regular base showcasing the latest moments each matchday, the different and clean styles create a nice variation and are a recommendation to follow



Next up in the list is Nzø, coming from the city or Paris Saint Germain it’s no surprise he’s supporting the club, his designs however are covering clubs all over the world, his attention to detail and good use of colour are some of the many strong points from his designs


Scott McRoy

Another big name in the list is Scott McRoy who is based in the south of the U.K. The Illustrator combines many effect and colours in his Illustrations which makes it great to look at his work, everytime you look at a piece you notice a different detail or element!


Megan Orpych

One of, maybe the, best female designers on here. Even tho this polish artist has posted for a while, she’s still on top of the game with consistently impressive edits.




From one female artist to another, Bex hasn’t been in the game for very long but has already made an impact with her variety of wallpapers.



At only 17 Lloyd is one of the younger designers in the list. The 2x winner of the Liverpool FC Matchday competition is appreciated for his specific style of Illustrations


Juve Edits

No point in guessing which team this artist supports. Like Juventus itself, his edits are smooth and classy.


Dave Flanagan

Dave is one of the best and most experienced illustrators around, he has worked for a lot of big clubs and leagues, his strength is his ability to master different styles of Illustrations which the audience also appreciates given his high position in the list!


The Sporting Press

This next artist has one of the most distinguishable designs on the entire list. His impressive creativity is topped off with some great animation work from time to time.


Dave Merrell

On to another Dave in the list, we’ve arrived at Dave Merrel, in an almost photo-realistic style he Illustrates his subjects making them come to live! A really cool style we certainly love!



Next up (and barely missing out on top 10) is this 16-year-old designer from Pakistan. Not hard to see why he’s so high on the list.



He fades the line between real-life and design, his impressive work makes his design feel like they are moments that actually happened. His creative and unique style make him stand out.


Dave Will

The last Dave on the list. This Dave Will impressive you with his variety of brilliant work. His detail work is outstanding and it really shows why he has worked with great companies, such as Inter Milan and Bundesliga.



We arrived at Entiredesign, also known as Jimmy! The in Stockport based illustrator is one of the leaders of the ‘current footballers with classic shirt’-style. It’s refreshing to see the players we know wearing some of the best classic kits and that’s what Jimmy does best.



Next up we have one of the youngest and greatest wallpaper-maker on the list. Nick’s excellent with work light makes his wallpapers look out of this world. He’s only 16, so we’re all hoping for many more years from him.


LJ Stration

At only 18 years old LJ’Stration has built a huge network already, not only his followers enjoy his designs, he’s also creating designs for the French national team, players like Umtiti and a lot of clubs. His style with the split of 2 colours is recognizable and turns out nice every time!



Onto the last 5 now and we’re starting it with the wonderful Jay. This Welsh designer hasn’t been around for very long, but he has already made a great impact (which clearly shows with his placement on this list). We can’t wait to watch him and his excellent edits grow even more.


Dan Leydon

Creativity is key. And Dan is one of the masters in showing his creative skills. Not only his amazing Illustrations in different styles show what he’s capable off, also the #iseefootballeverywhere series and meme templates he created are examples of him thinking further than only the design itself. Currently Dan is working on a book showcasing all the work he’s done since 2011, and we can’t wait till it’s available to order!



In 3rd we have the one and only Arsal. His wallpapers are absolutely phenomenal and they constantly show why he’s one of the best. His work with light and colours are truly outstanding. Congrats on the bronze!


Matt Houston

Just missing out on the number one spot we got the American, Matt Houston. Currently intern at the LA Rams is widely known for his retro style but has inspired a lot of designers with the other styles he masters as well! It’s hard to imagine something Matt can’t do and the big clients he’s working with shows that as well, congrats on the silver Matt!


Emilio Sansolini

When this competition started, there was only one winner. Emilio has been one of, maybe THE, best designer on football twitter for a long long time, and it’s very clear to see why. Not only does his edits look gorgeous, they are also extremely creative. Being constantly great is difficult in every genre, but this designer has managed exactly that for years.

Congratulation on the deserved gold medal Emilio Sansolini.

So that’s it! You just went through the full #FDtop50 list, we hope you enjoyed the list as much as we did and that you’ve discovered a lot of new talent to follow. We would like to thank you once again for your votes and interest in this competition, if you aren’t following Fredrik or me on social media you can do it via the following links:










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