Conquering Academy tells the story of youth players, their story is being told with graphics. In this first edition of Conquering Academy I’m going to interview the Swedish Oscar Krusnell.

Oscar Krusnell

Position: Left-back

Oscar Krusnell is a Swedish left-back who was born on the 17th of February 1999, besides left-back Oscar is also able to play at left wing and center back. The Swedish youth international signed for Sunderland in 2015 when he came over from AIK.

The Start

When Oscar was about 4-5 years old he and his dad started to play around with a ball in the house during the summer, like most of us Oscar was in love with the ball immediately. When he went to school one of his friends told him he was going to play in a team, Enskede IK, enthausiastic as Oscar was he joined the training of the club the same week, it was the start of  his football carreer. The team he was playing in consisted of more than 40(!) boys, ofcourse that was way too much so the coaches decided to split the squad into two seperate ones. But squads had their own coaches.  While all of his friends chose to play together in one team,  Oscar was already working on becoming as good as possible and he chose to play in the other, better, team. Instead of playing with his friends it was like he already knew how important football was going to be for him, with the better team and better coaches he showed he was serious with football.

First club

At the age of  13 Oscar got scouted while by numerous academies. At first someone from Enskede came to him to tell that Djurgårdens IF has been scouting him. Even though Oscar always supported AIK it looked like he was going to represent their rivals, a week later he would be meeting people at his new club and he would be training with them. Luckily for Oscar, just a few days before he would be going to Djurgårdens another offer came in, it was an offer from AIK! He and his dad were really proud that Oscar was going to represent the team they always supported, and ofcourse his granddad who has been supporting AIK for over 50 years was proud too. As happy Oscar was at AIK, he never played in the first team because he went to Sunderland instead. Then why did he make the transfer to Sunderland? Oscar felt like it was an opportunity that may never come again, it’s still his dream to ever play in the first team of AIK, but he can always come back to play in Sweden. The Sunderland academy offers him everything he needs as a player, from food to swimming pools, physios, gym, everthing, the biggest difference with AIK is that everything at Sunderland is at a much bigger scale. Ofcourse this comes with expectations and Oscar is demanded to work hard and perform on the pitch,


Since Oscar moved to Sunderland he lives on his own, far away from his family. The support of Oscar’s family has played an important part for him in his carreer so far. His dad watched pretty much every training session until he was 14 and both of his parents have always been there for him. Giving him a ride, giving him feedback as a player to improve etc. His younger sister has been helpful as well, she’s been a good training partner on the weekends and she plays football as well in Stockholm. Now Oscar lives in Sunderland it’s harder to visit his family, he visits Stockholm about every two months and whenever he got a training camp with Sweden he tries to get a few days off so he can visit his family. In his first year the trips home were really important, now they’ve become more a fun thing to look forward to. He has learned how to take care of himself and is good friends with his teammates. It helps him having close friends to speak with because outside football he has only met a few people.  Besides club football Oscar also plays for the national team of Sweden. One of the greatest achievements in his career so far is when he qualified for the u17 Euros with Sweden. He said the feeling of accomplish something with a group of friends is unbelievable.

Oscar is a young talent who took a gamble to leave his natural envorinment and his favorite club to get a chance in the big Premier League, His goal is to be able to live by playing football, his biggest dream is to make a full Sweden international game. I hope his brave decision pays of and that he has a succesful carreer ahead of him. I can’t wait for him to make his senior debute and I wish him all the best! Got interested in Oscar and his carreer? Follow him on social media!

Check the edits I made of Oscar here, I already made a few edits of him before the interview 😉



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