So my first actual blog post, I’m quite new to this but I’m sure I’ll find out how stuff works soon. It’s that time of the year again, everyone is making lists, looking forward and setting goals for the new year. However I think it’s a good opportunity to look back at the past year one last time! It was a crazy year again, also for me personally a lot of cool stuff happened. I’ve had an awesome internship at BrandDeli where I learned a lot, I’ve gained a lot of new followers and met a lot of nice people who really helped me and I officialy registered as a company! With my registration I did quite some work already I made posters for Dutch magazine VI Kids, video design for Danish magazine Forza Fodbold, been in contact with player agents and made designs for them and their players, I did work for a newssite on Dutch women soccer during the European Cup which they won, I could go on forever but I’ll not make it too long. Time to look forward

New Style

I’ve been wanting a new style for my channels for quite a while already and every time I got stuck in more of the same but now I decided to turn things around. On Twitter I’ve been having this Blue/Orange avatar for a while referring to The Netherlands where I come from, I decided to change it back to the original black and white avatar I’ve had for a longer time already. Instead of that I’ve updated my header, the bright orange is an obvious reference to The Netherlands and the header shows some of the football design work I’ve done and am quite proud of. Besides that I’ve made some minor chances to the website which should help making everything a lot clearer. Right now there are only 3 categories anymore; Lockscreen, Desktop and Blog. In the first two categories I just upload the designs belonging in that category, the blog category is for anything else so from posts like this to Interviews with youth players and tutorials. This also means I removed the Design of the Month section but I’ll tell more about that in the next paragraph.

End of the Design of the Month competition

It’s been time to end the Design of the Month competition, it was only in the summer when I rebooted the competition but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a good moment to stop it, reasons for this is that I feel I can use my time to make designs instead of hosting the competition. Next to that I’ve been receiving less submissions for the latest months which makes the decision clear for me. This means the Design of the Year competition will be the last one. I’d like to use this to thank the judges F-EditsFootyGraphsHenry Rowe and K23dez for helping me out with the competition and giving their points every month. Instead of the monthly competition I’d like to try a yearly competition and see how that goes. I hope you understand and agree that this is the best decisions. If you want to look back to the winners of the design of the month competitions I’ve hosted you can click here!

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you’ve had a good year and that the next one will be even better! If you’ve got some feedback for me, this can anything from my website to writing style or designs, please let me know!



I’m Joeri, I’m 21 a year old Dutch graphic designer and fourth year student of Media and Entertainment management. I've worked for Serie A and Eredivise players and also Dutch club; Willem II Tilburg, Forza Fodbold, VI Kids, Meet the Players and many more!

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