Design of the month


In the design of the month competition you have the chance to get your design featured as design of the month. You can submit the best design you made in the previous month, I will collect all the designs and make a top four out of that. The judges give their scores and those are mixed with the social media votes in order to decide who the winner is. The winner will get a spot on my website and get a post on my social media channels! Compete with the best designers and submit your design now, and your design might become the next design of the month!


In order to get an as honest result as possible there are many factors involved in judging this contest. To start with the selection, from all the mails I receive during the month I select the 4 which I think are best. From then on there are 3 factors to decide who wins. This is voting via the Twitter poll, the Facebook post and the judges vote. For the social votes (which are 50% of the total) I count all votes and divide them into an %, for the judges vote every judge gets 100 points (or %) to divide amongst the 4 designs. I add my own score to the judges votes and get the average which is also an %. By combining the social and the judges vote the winner is decided


What is your best design? Send it in and maybe it becomes design of the month! Every time at the beginning of the month I will look at the submitted designs and pick the 4 bests. I will put them into a poll and then you can decide which design you think is the best. This design will be highlighted on this page until the next one gets chosen.


  • Only football related designs
  • The design must be made by yourself
  • By submitting your design you allow me to use it, for design of the month purposes only, on my social media and website
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