By February 6, 2017Design of the Month

The design of the month September has been won by Baller_Designs. I asked Jamie to tell something about his edit this is what he told me: ‘The yellow flames highlight Reus’ explosive pace, the consistent colour scheme of ‘yellow’ and ‘black’ creates contrast in the image and relates to the club he pledges his loyalty to. I included a ‘yellow’ shade in his eyes to show his unbelievable love for his club, but to him it’s more than just a ‘football club’, it’s a part of him, he wouldn’t be the same without them. It’s a huge part of his life. As major football fans, I think this is something that we can all relate to! I hope that he can come back stronger and recover from his latest injury! Hopefully we’ll see you back out on the pitch again soon Marco!’

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I’m Joeri, I’m 21 a year old Dutch graphic designer and fourth year student of Media and Entertainment management. I've worked for Serie A and Eredivise players and also Dutch club; Willem II Tilburg, Forza Fodbold, VI Kids, Meet the Players and many more!

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