How do you make this? How do you make a football design? It’s a question I receive quite a lot so that’s why I decided to make a page to help designers make better designs. I searched online for the best and most relevant tutorials which I feel will benefit you while making designs. I split the designs up into two categories, Essentials and Advanced, the essentials are really the basics which mainly explain the functions which I use most of the time, the advanced section shows you how to apply functions into a design. If you want to learn more about photoshop be sure to subscribe to the channels I featured below which are PHlearn, Tutvid, FootyRenders, Glyn DewisDailyRender & K1 Production


Essentials show you the most import functions of Photoshop, these tutorials will teach you how to use layer masks, blend modes and how to cut renders


Advanced tutorials focus more on specific subjects which can help you get your design to the next level